Now Presenting in Limited Release:

Chasing Casascius

An Exclusive Photo Book about one Block Explorer's quest to sync with the blockchain.


Chasing Casascius is a photo book personifying bitcoin technology and lore, featuring a Casascius gold bar which is part of a series of collectible items infused with bitcoin addresses.

Join the lone Block Explorer on her adventure to find an orphaned block and sync the transaction with the blockchain. Fintech has never been so visually appealing!



  • Printed on high quality thick Proline paper
  • Limited print run of 5,000 copies
  • International Shipping
  • A portion of the proceeds will go to charities that accept bitcoin
  • Sales stop after the halving, tied to bitcoin block 420,000
  • Chance to receive Casascius Gold Bar with purchase of book! (from independent third party)
  • Track your ownership of the book on the blockchain! Binding done via Counterparty

This is the most technologically bound book ever created and represents the gold standard in the closed loop cryptocurrency economy.


A portion of proceeds will go to the charities that accept bitcoin. Help leverage Bitcoin and Blockchain for global philanthropy. With the release of this book, our commitment to closing the loop on the bitcoin economy can further be realized and you can be confident that your participation in the launch will benefit the infrastructure in more ways than one.

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Casascius Gold Bar Giveaway

The collector has agreed to give away their Casascius Gold Bar to one purchaser. After sales close, one order will be randomly selected with a provably fair seed!

Casascius Gold Bars have a vibrant after market and have sold in excess of 2.5 BTC each.

The Casascius gold giveaway is independent of this book, and performed solely by the collector. More information will be emailed to purchasers.

  Casascius bars are the original physical bitcoins.


Participate in our launch as economists come out of the wood work to observe the change in bitcoin's issuance schedule. Proof of bitcoin's resilience is materialized by transactions in a robust economy!

After bitcoin's halving at block 420,000, sales will close for good! Let's make history.